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BlueHost Review


Current Rating of BlueHost based on experiences as detailed below.

Pricing: 5 out of 5
Support: 5 out of 5
Reliability/Uptime: 5 out of 5
Billing & Accounts 4 out of 5

New Comparisons Added- Posted 21 January 2012
I have just added a few new comparisons of web hosts that I have been asked to write by readers. I hope these are useful. I strongly believe that with the $3.95/month coupon that you can access on WebHostingDoctor (where BlueHost is ranked number 2) BlueHost really is the best value shared hosting out there at the moment and perfect for both business or personal websites.

It's been 4 Years!- Posted 23 December 2011
It has now been over 4 years since I first setup this website as a test to measure how good a host BlueHost really was. While I haven't been able to update this review as much as I wanted to, I still think it's done it's job in being an effective on-going review of BlueHost hosting. Many other review websites write reviews without even hosting with the particular host, that is what motivated me to create this site. Overall I have found BlueHost to be an excellent web host with not much lacking. I haven't had problems with reliability and when I have contacted their support team they have been friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. Along with the $3.95/month coupon currently available, there really is no reason not to go with BlueHost if you are looking for shared hosting.

Amazing $3.95/month coupon found on Web Hosting Doctor - Posted 3 December 2011
I have just found a coupon which will get you BlueHost hosting for just $3.95/month. This coupon is available on the following page . Web Hosting Doctor is a leading web hosting review website and has ranked BlueHost No. 2 overall for shared hosting. You will see a link to the coupon on their blue host review page . At $3.95/month this really is a steal.

BlueHost Hosting over 2 million domains and growing- Posted 20 July 2010
2 Years & 8 Months ago when I signed up with BlueHost for this review website, they were hosting 370,000 domains. That seemed alot back then, BUT now they host over 2 million domain names! They are also signing up 20,000 new customers a month which pretty much makes them the fastes growing hosting company in the world. To put this into perspective BlueHost now hosts more domains and accounts than Yahoo. Bluehost is also the 5th fastest growing ICANN domain registrar in the world, this is an amazing feat for an hosting company as other domain providers just require users to buy a domain but with BlueHost the customer has to be buy a whole hosting account just to get the domain. Apart from this alot of BlueHost's customers have their domains elsewhere and just host with BlueHost.

In all my research of BlueHost I believe they have been successful due to their dedication and focus on improving the technology that their customers websites are hosted on. They have developed many ground-breaking technologies in the hosting industry and BlueHost customers are always the first to use them.

BlueHost Servers Faster- Posted 17 April 2010
I have been doing some research on different types of benchmarking websites and it seems that many report that BlueHost servers generally are faster. I was reading Matt Heaton's Blog (the CEO of BlueHost) and in this a constant theme is about improving the actual servers, hardware and software. I've dealt with a lot of hosting companies and I know the majority of them buy some hardware and software and use it out of the box. BlueHost seems to really have a committment to bettering their offerings and constantly standing out from their competitors. It's good to know that you're host isn't just spending all their time trying to find new customers but is in fact actively improving their core services.

For $6.95/month BlueHost really treats you like a customer who is paying alot more.

BlueHost Zero Downtime for Last 3 months - Posted 18 January 2010
Firstly, Happy New Year! to all my readers. This is my first post of the year. It's been about a month since I last updated this BlueHost review. Since then I've added some more comparisons of BlueHost against other hosts.

Today I was just checking this website's uptime report which you can view here. BlueHost has really impressed me, for the months of November, December and January so far there has been absolutely no downtime, which is truly amazing. The overall uptime for is 99.975% at that rate, in a whole year your site would only be down for about 2 hours. That really is nothing. All in all I expect BlueHost to continue to be my host of choice for 2010. Let's see what BlueHost has planned for 2010.

General Update & Special Still On - Posted 14 December 2009
I just checked the link I posted about the $3.95/month special and it seems you can still sign up for that price. I have tried to find out till when BlueHost intends to keep this offer going till but BlueHost is tightlipped about it. Below is just a summary of BlueHost's plan with the special pricing. Some people are a little confused and I thought I would add this summary to this BlueHost review.

Plan Length Total Monthly
12 months $59.40 $4.95
24 months $94.80 $3.95
36 months $142.20 $3.95

Hope that helps.

Amazing Special - $3.95/month - Posted 21 November 2009
I am happy to say, that this post on My BlueHost Review is probably one of the most exciting yet. I have just managed to secure a very special price for visitors through MyBlueHost Review. If you buy from this link , you will get their package for just $3.95/month on the 24 month plan or $4.95/month on the 12 month plan. This comes with free setup and a free domain name. This is truly amazing value. I thought BlueHost was great value at $6.95/month (that's what I paid). But at $3.95 it's a steal. This is a limited time offer and my understanding from discussions with BlueHost marketing people is that it will not last very long. To access the special pricing you just need to use this link.

BlueHost has 1 million customers - Posted 18 November 2009
As promised in my last post, I mentioned I would talk a bit about this. Surpassing 1 million domains hosted is certainly a great feat for BlueHost. I was reading Matt Heaton's (Bluehosts's CEO) blog and read some comments by him that these days they receive at least 650 signups and upto 850 signups.....wait for it.....PER DAY!!!!! Those are mammoth numbers and it's amazing how well BlueHost is managing the growth. A solid management team at BlueHost headed by Matt Heaton who has many many years business experience is the key to BlueHost's success.

It was interesting reading Matt's post, his aim is to host 10 million domains. The way BlueHost is growing and judging by their popularity, it doesn't seem too much of a stretch!

2 Year Anniversary of Hosting with BlueHost- Posted 15 November 2009
Well, it's a bit late (been busy), however on 1st October 2009 was the second anniversary of this website being hosted with BlueHost. I started this website with the aim of testing out BlueHost which is considered one of the worlds leading shared web hosting companies. I think I have achieved my aim in many respects, I have received many e-mails from people who have signed up with them after reading this BlueHost review and they have thanked me for this site.

What have I learnt about BlueHost after 2 years? Well, Bluehost is certainly a company you can rely on, that's for sure. I've been screwed over by hosts too many times, but BlueHost is a host I can confidently recommend. Being a web designer I design websites for clients and I recommend each one of them to set up accounts with BlueHost.

I have also been monitoring BlueHost's uptime since 24 February 2009, you can see the report here . In that time, the website has maintained an uptime of 99.966%, which is quite impressive. The other thing is that the uptime would actually be more than this. The monitoring is only every 5 minutes, so the minimum amount of time the uptime monitoring would record is 5 minutes, whereas in reality most outages would last less than a 1 minute. So the actual uptime would be more like 99.98% which is just about as good as you can get.

I was just on BlueHost's website and noticed they now host over 1 millions domains!!! That is truly amazing. I will write a post a bit later about this.....but that is an amazing achievement and it's a true testament to a company that knows what they're doing.

BlueHost's CPU Protection - Posted 5 August 2009
I was just browsing the blog of Matt Heaton and came across a post about BlueHost introducing CPU protection technology. This is a one of a kind development and no other host has anything like this. Basically, it will protect you from other users on the server using too much CPU resources and hence slowing your site. In my experience with hosting, I have had this happen to me many times and I assure you it's very frustrating. BlueHost has developed this technology totally in-house and it is a huge innovation in the shared hosting industry. BlueHost is not charging anything extra for this product. This clearly show's BlueHost committment to being a market leader and continually providing customers with better products. I am happy to be hosted with BlueHost.

BlueHost General Review Update - Posted 5 June 2009
I've been a bit busy so haven't got to do an update of this review. In fact I've been busy installing a PHp/MySQL Content management system on another site that I own that is also hosted on BlueHost Servers. This site is quite high traffic and BlueHost handles it beautifully. It's been about 15 days since the new PHP system went on the site and BlueHost is handling it fine. I was just checking the Uptime Report , It seems there was one outage in May, which reduced the uptime to 99.981%. This is still an excellent uptime considering that the monitoring started in February. Extrapolating this to one year would mean that my site hosted on BlueHost should only expect to be down for about 2 hours in a year. That is excellent! I previously had a site with Globat and I can tell you that my site was down for more than 2 hours every day. So all in all my recommendation for Bluehost is still positive and i recommend Bluehost. Check out

BlueHost's 100% Uptime - Posted 30 April 2009
Since 24th February 2009 I have been monitoring the uptime of this website through a very reputable external uptime monitoring service called SiteUptime. I just checked the report and so far this site has had 100% uptime. Not even 1 outage has been recorded. Uptime is undoubtedly the most important thing when you're looking for a host. There's no point having unlimited bandwidth and diskspace when your site is down half the time. I'll keep the monitoring going and let's see how it does.

BlueHost Hosting Update- Posted 29 March 2009
This is my second update this month, and everything has been going fine. In my hosting experience with BlueHost so far I have not had any problem at all. Looking at BlueHost's website, they are still growing very rapidly. Their website says they now host over 825,000 domains.

BlueHost Uptime Update and Summary - Posted 5 March 2009
Well it's been just over a week since I subscribed to a new monitoring service to keep an eye on BlueHost's uptime by checking the uptime of this site. I just had a look at the uptime report and it shows absolutely no outages so far, hence an uptime of 100%. So far so good :)

Their website now also says they host 775,000 domains! That's alot of websites they host.

BlueHost Uptime Monitoring Added to Review - Posted 25 February 2009
Previously I was using MrAlert to monitor this site's uptime. Unfortunately it seems that service is no longer active. However, I have now signed up with SiteUptime to monitor this website's uptime. This will give a fairly good incidcation of BlueHost's uptime and whether they live up to their guarantee. To see a live report of uptime at anytime, visit .

BlueHost Review after 15 months - Posted 1 January 2009
It's been 15 months since I first signed up for BlueHost on this website and commenced this bluehost review. After 15 months I have yet to experience any trouble with Bluehost and everything is smooth sailing. Some of my other sites I have had with BlueHost for over 3 years now and they've been great. Since I signed up 15 months ago on this domain, Bluehost has gone from hosting 350,000 domains to now hosting 750,000 domains. That is absolutely incredible and a testament to the service they provide. Overall I would recommend BlueHost to anyone looking for reliable web hosting.

BlueHost's Unlimited Domains- Posted 20 November 2008
For a while now, Bluehost has been offering unlimited domains. This is an excellent feature which has the potential to save customers 100's and even thousands of dollars. Bluehost allows you to host as many sites as you like on one account.

In regards to this BlueHost review as a whole, everything is going perfectly. I haven't had had any problems with BlueHost and overall it's been a great hosting experience.

BlueHost's Review Update - Posted 10 October 2008
The world markets may be in a financial meltdown, but nothing is stopping BlueHost. Bluehost is continuing to grow at a fast pace, based on their reputation and good service.

Bluehost has also introduced unlimited disk space and bandwidth, it was only a matter of time till this became a reality and it's here now. With the improved technology available offering unlimited space and bandwith was the obvious next step to providing a cutting edge product. Although the majority of sites use up very little bandwidth, it's great to know that you're site wont be shut off due to space or bandwidth restrictions.

BlueHost's SimpleScripts - Posted 3 April 2008

It's been a while since I updated this site but in the meantime BlueHost has been growing rapidly and has added a great new feature that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. This feature is called simplescripts, it is basically a script auto-installation feature. Not being a very technical person I absolutely love this. It is similar to Fantastico but has much better scripts to install. The one I like the best is auto-installation of PHPBB3.

On another note, Bluehost now advertises that they are now hosting over 510,000 domains. Over half a million websites and they're only getting better. In my experience I highly recommend Bluehost.

BlueHost's CEO: Matt Heaton - Posted 30 January 2008

Running a fast growing and customer oriented business like BlueHost is no easy task. It can only be done by someone with a lot of passion, sincerity and hard work. That's exactly who Matt Heaton is. I have done a small writeup about Matt heaton and his history. As you will see Matt Heaton is a serial entrepreneur.

BlueHost STILL Growing Rapidly - Posted 15 January 2008

Well since the last update on the number of domains on 25 Nov 2007, Bluehost has added 30,000 domains. In regards to this site, I have not had any problems with BlueHost. So at the moment this review doesn't have too much interesting. I was hoping for some problems to come up so then I could come here and post the support transcripts on this review. But as I've experienced with previous websites hosted on BlueHost, they are an excellent company with excellent service. So at this moment in the review, I'd highly recommend Bluehost as a web host.

BlueHost Extras & Offers - Posted 13 December 2007

Going through BlueHost's control panel I noticed quite a large section on promotional and partner offers. I suspect that BlueHost receives some type of fee or commission for displaying these products to their customers. However some of these offers are still quite good and it would be worth looking at. I've detailed some of the better ones on the BlueHost Extra's page. The ones that I believe are the most valuable are the Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing $50 free credit offers. If you avail both of these you would have saved $100.

BlueHost DOUBLES Diskspace and Bandwidth - Posted 8 December 2007

Well Bluehost has done it again. They have DOUBLED their disk space and bandwidth. That means for $6.95/mo you now get 15,00GB Diskspace and 15,000GB Bandwidth. Although very few sites would actually consume this amount of resources, it's always good to know if you're site suddenly takes off your host will have the resources to support your growth. With the new diskspace and bandwidth offerings as well as BlueHost's server reliability BlueHost will be a force to be reckoned with in the web hosting world.

I also just noticed that BlueHost has made a few changes to their website. They have live chat now on their home page as well as a link that compares BlueHost to their competitors. This is quite a bold step in listing competitors on your website, this is certainly a sign that BlueHost is confident in their hosting features and offerings.

BlueHost Growing VERY rapidly and so far so good - Posted 25 November 2007

Just checking in, so far everything is going well. I havent had any issues with BlueHost or hosting so far. However, I havent tried much yet on the site. I intend to install some 3rd party scripts and also some from fantastico to see how the servers handle that.

Also I was just on the bluehost site, and now they say they host 410,000 domains. So in 56 days (since I've been watching) BlueHost has added 40,000 domains. Amazing Stuff!!!

BlueHost Growing Rapidly - Posted 18 November 2007

I was just looking at the bluehost website and noticed that they now "Host over 400,000 domains". On October 1st when I created my account, that number was 370,000. So BlueHost is certainly growing very fast.

BlueHost E-Commerce features - Posted 12 November 2007

It's been a while since the last update. But the good news is that I haven't had any problems as yet with BlueHost. Everything is running fine and I still haven't had any reason to contact their support team, which in my opinion is certainly a good thing. In the meantime I created a page with information about BlueHost's e-commerce features. They have a very good set of tools and inbuilt features for those building e-commerce websites.

BlueHost Servers & Coupons - Posted 29th October 2007

After conducting a bit of research about bluehost's servers I have added a page to this review. Take a look at the BlueHost server page for some details. I have had some e-mails from site visitors asking if I know of any coupon codes for BlueHost. Unfortunately no BlueHost coupons exist.

BlueHost Bandwidth & Plan - Posted 17th October 2007

The speed that someone can access your website is a very important factor when choosing a web host. This review of bluehost would be incomplete without assessing the bandwidth that BlueHost provides to customers. I have created a bluehost bandwidth page with some details about the bandwidth setup that bluehost uses. I have also done an analysis of BlueHost's plan features that I hope you will find useful. Of course the plan features are a very important part of rating BlueHost and deciding whether it is one of the top hosts out there.

10th October 2007

I've just been doing some research about BlueHost's datacenter to find out exactly where my website is hosted. Turns out is hosted in Utah, the 45th U.S. state (don't know how that relates to hosting, but it sounds good). But from reading Matt Heaton's (Bluehost's Owner and president) blog it is clear he is very particular about equipment used as he has a hardware background. Which is certainly a good thing. The bluehost datacenter has very strong physical and soft security.

8th October 2007

Here we are after 9 days of signing up. Everything is going well, I havent had any issues with anything to do with BlueHost. I have just created an article about Bluehosts's uptime as well as setup a 15 minute interval monitor of the website. This will allow me to test the reliability of bluehost's servers and is an important part of this overall bluehost review. I think when looking for a host, most people are scared of signing up with a web hosting company that will leave their websites down for days and result in the website losing sales andcustomer goodwill.

2nd October 2007

Well it's Day 2 now. So far so good. I have uploaded the site and have got my e-mail account setup. Please send me an e-mail if you have had any experiences with BlueHost and I shall try and publish them on this website.

1st October 2007

Welcome to . From the url it should be quiet obvious that this website was made to make my review about BlueHost available to people who are looking for a host and are considering BlueHost as an option. I'm tired of websites trying to review BlueHost who have never held an account with them.

This site is going to be different. As of today we have signed up this domain with bluehost, throughout the life of this domain I will keep this website updated with any outages, customer support issues, good/bad experiences etc. I intend to keep this review updated for about a year (till October 2008) and in that time it should be possible to make a good conlusion about bluehost's hosting services and really how good they are. At this point, if it is necessary I shall extend the test period. So in essence this site is "A year in the life of a BlueHost customer".

BlueHost Background
Currently BlueHost is the fastest growing web hosting company. It was established in 1996 by Matt Heaton who is still at the helm of the company.

BlueHost Signup Process
Like all smart online shoppers I firstly searched around the net looking for any bluehost coupons. Unfortunately it does not seem bluehost gives out any discounts, so full price it is. That being said BlueHost's pricing is on par with most other hosts offering similar features.

Screenshot from bluehost website on 1st October 07

Just for the record, at the time of signing up, BlueHost's website says that they host 370,000 domains. It will be interesting to see how much this increases (hopefully) over the coming year.

Signup Step 1 - Choose Domain
After clicking on the "Sign Me Up" link on the Bluehost homepage I am taken to the domain page. Here I can choose to either register a new domain or use an existing domain. Bluehost does offer a free domain name, however I prefer to purchase my domain elsewhere and just use BlueHost exclusively as a hosting company rather than domain registration. There are lots of scary stories off hosts hijacking domains out there on the web (not saying Bluehost does it). It is also easier to manage my domains from a central location.

Screenshot of Bluehost Domain registration/Transfer Page

After I click next the prompt box asks me "Do you own the domain . Yup, I certainly do. so I click ok.

Signup - Billing and Personal Details
Here comes the boring part of the bluehost signup procedure, but yes it must be done just like with any other host. Everything is pretty much standard, the forms asks for your address, phone number, name etc. Then I'm asked to select payment method. To keep things simple I pick the paypal option. If paying by paypal you must sign up for either 12 months or 24 months. I'm going to choose the 12 month option. Which makes it $95.40. Well $95.40 sacrificed to be able to provide a detailed review about BlueHost. For the greater good I say :)

At the bottom of the page there is the link to the BlueHost Terms of Service, which I strongly recommend you read. And YES I did read it. Well let's call it speed reading.

Anyway the next part of the bluehost order process takes you straight to the paypal website to make the payment. I suspect this would be different if you were paying by credit card. An interesting feature about this step is that although you put in your details in Paypal you get redirected to the BlueHost order page again and are asked to confirm the details. Only once you click "Complete Order" on the bluehost website it charges you.

And it's done. Now the page says

"Congratulations, your purchase was successful.
Please review the following information. A confirmation of this purchase, along with your username and password, will be emailed to myemailaddresshere ".

This page also has a link to access my control panel. Once I click on that I am taken to my brand spanking new website control panel.

BlueHost cPanel

I must say the BlueHost logo on the cPanel page looks very cool! Much better than the one on their homepage. Here it is (It looks better bigger) >>>

Now I move my eyes down to the resources. Wow that looks tempting. I have 307 200MB of disk space to fill up and 307 200MB of bandwidth to use. Not to mention 2500 e-mail accounts, 999 sub-domains, 50 SQL databases. And you can see the rest <<<<

I've seen the CPanel's of quite a few hosts but BlueHost's certainly seems to be the most cluttered. Hopefully it means they have new features.

Anyway that's all for today. I will start exploring the BlueHost cPanel tomorrow.





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